Wilton Films makes compelling, award-winning factual programmes that matter: history and arts documentaries; reportage from Chechnya to Lebanon; investigations into combat stress or intelligence failures. Our corporate clients include the Open Society Institute, Al Gore’s Live Earth, Nelson Mandela’s The Elders. In 2009 we established a strategic relationship with Brook/Lapping and the Ten Alps Group.


(2002, PBS Wide Angle)

Reportage from the Chechen War, with exclusive filming with Russian Special Forces, Chechen fighters, refugees, and university students trying to pursue their education in the war zone. In this scene, Russian Special Forces are on a ‘cleansing mission’.  Seven years after the broadcast, the body of this young man was discovered in hidden grave. Nobody was charged.

  • Winner of the Cine Golden Eagle Award, Spring 2003
  • Edward R Murrow Award
  • FIPA 2003 Prix de Jury de 15 ans
  • Silver Hugo for Television at the 39th Chicago International Television Awards
  • Directed by Paul Mitchell and Tania Rakhmanova for Wilton Films
  • Andrei Erastov, DOP

"Secretary Powell even saw the program and thought it was really great. PS: And Secretary Powell sent a copy of the tape to the President...."

Official at US State Department


(2011 BBC/National Geographic, NHK, France Television, STV, SRS/CBC, DRTV, TVP, YLE)

Vladimir Putin began his as a top Russian spy. But as President he made himself a valued ally of the West. How did he do it? And what made Washington and London then turn against him? For the first time Putin’s top colleagues - and the Western statesmen who eventually clashed with him - tell the inside story.  In this scene, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice meets her counterpart Sergei Ivanov (then Minister of Defence, currently Kremlin Chief of Staff) at the SORT treaty signing in 2002.

  • Peabody Award Winner 2012
  • EBU Proud to Present Award
  • Directed by Paul Mitchell for Brook/Lapping Productions
  • Brian Lapping Executive Producer
  • Norma Percy Series Producer
  • Paul Mitchell Series Director


(2013 PBS)

  • Directed by Paul Mitchell and Sarah Wallis for Wilton Films
  • A production of Wilton Films and Intelligent Television

Hosted by actor, author, and activist Stephen Fry, RUSSIA’S OPEN BOOK celebrates contemporary Russian authors carrying on one of the world’s greatest literary traditions.

“You may think Russian literature is no more than a catalogue of suffering and misery and woe,” says Fry, “but actually it’s so much more than that. There’s so much joy, there’s so much hope, there’s so much about the human spirit in it.”

Stephen Fry


(1995 BBC/Discovery/Canal+/ORF, others)

The story of the war in the former Yugoslavia, filmed during the conflict with contributions from the leaders of all the warring parties. DEATH OF YUGOSLAVIA is no. 87 on the British Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest British television programs of any genre ever to have been screened.  In this scene, how the Bosnian City of Zvornik was 'cleansed' of its Bosniak population in the spring of 1992.

  • duPont Columbia Gold Baton winner (1996)
  • BAFTA winner 1996
  • Peabody winner 1996
  • New York Festival (Gold Medal) 1996
  • Broadcast Production Awards - Best Independent Producer
  • Golden Gate - Golden Spire
  • Indie - Best Overall Independent Production
  • Indie - Best News and Current Affairs Series
  • Broadcasting Press Guild - Best Documentary Series
  • Directed by Paul Mitchell for Brian Lapping Associates
  • Brian Lapping Executive Producer
  • Norma Percy Series Producer